Ladies, it’s time for you to RISE like the Phoenix,


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You want to be a successful and prosperous female entrepreneur or Biz Goddess right? Or even step forth and START your dream business, Doing what you LOVE.

It is time to say enough of the feelings of worthlessness, wondering if you’re ready, if you’re even good enough and all the other B.S thoughts / beliefs that are keeping you stuck and hidden.

There’s a voice that whispers (or screams) There’s more.


Guess what, you were given that dream, your passion for a reason…
Because IT IS achievable.

Right now you might feel like you’re wanting more:

  • You have started what you thought was your dream business, started on the path to being a female entrepreneur or business owner and yet, you just feel stuck, blocked and struggling to have the flow going to be happy, joyful and prosperous.

  • You are scared to show up in your business, to start your business, scared to put yourself out there. You have a passion or dream and yet, just wrapped in fear allowing the voices telling you why you can’t, allowing them to hold you back..

  • You may not have figured out what your passion is in life or what you want to do. You know you want more, you know you want to be more, to do more in life. You have a calling, you want to live a life doing what you love. Feeling free.

I totally remember being in the stage of asking “Why is this happening, What The Heck Is Going On???“

I’m sure you have done this a few times yourself, right?

But here’s something that’s gonna surprise you.

The thing is, it’s not you. I’m here to show you the easy way for you to shift in alignment with what your true heart desires, your soul. With a business that flows with ease and one that you love. To be a powerful & prospered female entrepreneur.

This is your time to RISE, rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, Rise up and transform, more powerful, stronger and beautiful than ever before. Achieving a LIFE YOU LOVE TO LIVE. 

Who Am I?

My name is Bryanna Emma Black. 

I am your  Transformational Love Guide, Energy Worker, and Spirit Channeler and also a proud momma to six handsome boys.
I am the founder of Positive Power Healing, She IS Unleashed Foundation and also an Entrepreneur myself.

I support female entrepreneurs, Biz Goddesses and those aspiring to be, like you, RISE in your power, OWN it and use it. I guide you in truly loving who you are to shed the shackles of fear, doubt and worry. I guide you to take action on doing what you love and how you can open the floodgates of prosperity in doing so. 

I have this natural ability to see how others can make more money and advance your businesses. I tune into you and work with your guides to support you in releasing the true blocks holding you back, then spirit guides me in seeing what is the way forth for YOU, to be prosperous in doing what you love.

Love is the key to achieving your heart’s desires, love heals all wounds and unlocks the door to the life & love you yearned for.

When you work with me, an added bonus is, you will live life to experience abundance on all levels: Love, Health, Happiness, Spirituality, and Great Wealth

Are you ready to say a massive: “YES THIS IS MY TIME!”?

Click button to learn more about me and how we can work together to reclaim your life and your happiness!

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Natalie McAvaney
Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Healer

Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Session

I was looking for guidance and a breakthrough of come sort. 

WOW I sure did, it was life changing. It was my AH-HA moment. After 30 mins with Emma it gave me the confidence to step into my power and accept who I am and get to work.

I have stepped up in my business. I’m not scared anymore, I’m not allowing fear to hold me back. I feel like I’m at peace. I’m ready, I couldn’t say that before but with an outflowing of emotion immediately after the call and the next day I know what’s ahead of me and I’m so excited.

Emma is so warm and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable saying things I hadn’t said out loud before. Emma made sure that what you were saying was understood too. Very personable, someone I would look forward to spending time with. You made me feel like I want to help people just like you do.

You offered me the breakthrough of my blockages in 30 minutes. Really, you are amazing. I won’t forget the call that launched my power.

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psychic intuitive session


Feck The Past & Be The Love Transformational Masterclass

This lady asked for her review to be kept anonymous due to the nature of what was happening.

Since I started on that first workshop, my whole life has changed for the better. My relationship that was in tatters and pending separation is now more solid than I could ever have dreamed. We still have hiccups but these are managed with understanding, love and support instead of screaming arguments and emptiness. My employment has changed drastically with the growth of my own company daily. I never in a million years imagined I’d be able to actually do that. Financially, money has come in abundance. We have paid off our car, and a substantial loan 4 years before they were due, all with completely unexpected income. This was all due to a shift in thought. I have changed exponentially as an individual, I am still me, but I am now the best version of me that was too scared to try before.

I was experiencing an incredibly difficult time in my relationship leading to a possible separation and was also desperately unhappy in my employment

Since starting on this journey with positive power I feel I have benefitted tremendously. I sometimes cannot believe how far I have come. Whilst being an incredibly open minded person by nature, I entered into this at the lowest point in my life with little desire to think positively. With Enma’s encouragement I realised that even though there was so much I wanted to change, there was even more I was so grateful for. I was then very blessed but so caught up in what I wanted, I failed to see it. Emma changed my way of thinking and with that came unimaginable results.

Emma is nothing but absolutely approachable. I have told Emma things that I have not even told my own mother. Infact, some things I haven’t even told my private therapist. She is utterly personable, comforting and above anything, trustworthy. I have utter faith in her ability to guide me and advise me on how to see the positive side to anything. She has helped me see the positive in some very dark times indeed.

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A backlit red rose with water drops

Nollaig Robertson
Avon independant Sales Representative

I’ve found that my self-confidence and self-worth has emerged with faith, focus and steadfast clarity. Emma, you more than resolved my struggles. Your very presence, presentation skills, and personal life story, of which I am only partly privy, has not only inspired me but catapulted me into the next level of my general life and business. Thank you thank you and thank you again! Your experience, holistically qualified expertise, extensive research which you have shared in abundance with myself and the other workshop delegates has given us a great grounding to get on with our own goals of personal and business development. 

Before I started working with you Emma, I had a sense of desperation to make my business work. It became an unhealthy obsession which overtook everything else. It had been the partial source of causing me to end a 10-year marriage. I wanted to transform myself to a more confident and content parent and business owner. 

It was lovely to work with you, Emma. I felt calm and at ease, yet excited for the future! I would like to see more workshops scheduled to enable more of your followers to meet and work with your personally in order to transform themselves for the better. I would love to attend more of your future events.

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Nicola Ivanov
Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Healer

The biggest benefits to me where regaining mental clarity, taking away the feelings of overwhelming and giving me the confidence to move past my old/negative conditioning and change my outlook. Showing me that with a change of focus I can change my life. 

The value for me is that I became a successful business woman, a better wife with more of a connection and understanding with my husband but also a better mom to my children. 

I am more patient and Emma has shown me to be less serious and the kids have more fun with me. Life in general is more fun, opening my eyes to fun and ease. 

The results for me was a transformed business, transformed self and happy family life. I had fears that were I could fail, lack of confidence, and feelings of being trapped with not having enough time to pursue my dreams or hobbies. 

Emma is an infectious, happy and genuinely loving person. Easy to talk to and open up, even when I was having my bad days she was always very understanding and gentle in nature and when I needed a push she was there to guide me with the right knowledge, clips and worksheets, this has really helped me forward. 

Emma makes me feel confident that I can take on the world no matter the challenges thrown at me, I also laugh a lot more. 

You are a great teacher and I’m very thankful!

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Nicola Ivanov(100px)

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