How to raise your vibrations and elevate your mood for success

Vibration Amplifier Guide & Workshop Raise your vibration and elevate your mood in all natural ways to achieve the life you life. This is your guide and workshop (video workshop posted below) to raise your vibration, elevate your mood, so you can start shifting to allowing the free flow of inspiration to come flooding through […]
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millionaire habits

How To Be A Millionaire – Best Millionaire Habits

Best Millionaire Habits How to become a millionaire is something I am pretty sure most of us want to know. For the sake of my Money Matters Bootcamp ladies, we are studying this one. I know…. what a drag eh?!?!?! So ultimately what you want to do is to start adopting some of the best […]
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female entrepreneur

What’s in your name? Transformation

What’s in your name? There’s more than you even know. Transformation at it’s best. As I underwent a major transformation, I decided my name needed to match the truth of who I am. I was breaking free from the old and being reborn. The name I was given during a special workshop that connected us to […]
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energy cleansing

Self and Space Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing of your Space and the Self Today we are going to go through a topic and tutorial on energy cleansing. I am going to give you a couple of examples on how we can cleanse ourselves and also cleanse areas around us to rid the energy left from the past hurts, trauma, arguments and […]
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Energy & Psychic Protection

Energy & Psychic Protection  Anything that strengthens our Aura and creates a safe place is psychic protection. It is a place that negativity cannot penetrate. This protection prevents your Aura from being depleted or affected by energy that is negative.   This protection is vital when we do spiritual or healing work, but it can also […]
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Why Is Gratitude So Important?

Why Is Gratitude So Important?? Well … Let me tell you! While we often talk about the importance of gratitude, it is a difficult concept for most of us to live by. When things do not go our way, it is easy to fall into a personal funk and start blaming others for the problems that […]
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Sleep Toolkit Guide

Sleep Toolkit for Holistic Healing and Beating Insomnia. I was once a person that suffered from insomnia on a regular basis and I understand how frustrating, not to mention soul breaking and mind numbing it can be when you are not able to get enough sleep. Working very closely with Holistic Healing, and working with […]
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Using Gratitude For Healing

Using Gratitude For Healing You may be here from our gratitude health tips email through our subscriber list, if not you can sign up anywhere on our page. Plus by simply grabbing the free gift The Violet Flame Meditation Gratitude is one of the most vital subjects to use in your life. You will have seen this […]
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Himalayan rock salt

The Truly Incredible Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

  The Amazing Benefits of the Mind Blowing Himalayan Rock Salt Among the world’s most effective and powerful “hidden secrets” is the pink Himalayan salt. Derived from one of the world’s highest and most beautiful mountains, the Himalayan rock salt has been prized for its incredible healing and restoration powers, and has been in use […]
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What’s Reiki Energy Healing?

What Is Reiki? So there is times that we also use Reiki Energy healing, which is why we thought it was a great idea to write you a post about what Reiki actually is. Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy.” It is also used to describe a natural healing system. It […]
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