Energy & Psychic Protection


Energy & Psychic Protection 

Anything that strengthens our Aura and creates a safe place is psychic protection.
It is a place that negativity cannot penetrate. This protection prevents your Aura from being depleted or affected by energy that is negative.


This protection is vital when we do spiritual or healing work, but it can also benefit you in your everyday life.


When we are doing any healing work or spiritual development,  you will become more sensitive to others’ needs, energies and emotions, while at the same time you will be developing your intuitive skills. Using this protection will help you avoid picking up others’ negative emotions and conditions.
In fact, more people will likely be drawn to you and so will animals. Also, like-minded people will be drawn to you.

Tips for Protection:

1. Visualization-

What you want to do is envision a protective shield around you. It can be an egg, white light or a mirror reflecting away from you. You want to know you’re safe and realise that you are sealed in and protected from any influences on the outside. Envision this and know you are protected.



2. Talisman-

A crystal or a symbol can be a form of protection too but you need to wear it and make sure it is comfortable to wear. Some crystals are better than others. Ideally, you should go for a black tourmaline, black obsidian or a black onyx, as they tend to be the best. This is one I have actually just bought for myself. You can click on the image if you want to see some more. This can be turned into a necklace or bracelet, and in fact I may just want a few more.

3. Ask For Protection- 

If you ever feel uneasy you can ask for Spiritual  psychic protection. You do this by communicating with your angels or spirit guides. Ask them to draw close to you and to offer you protection and to keep you safe.  another easy one is calling on Archangel Micheal, who is an instant protector, and all you have to do is say

“I call upon Archangel Michael, I ask that you surround me in your loving divine protection, I am safe, Thank you”

Angel Healing

4. Protection Prayer for spiritual work-

There is a protection prayer request you can say, and this request will help you with getting psychic protection.

First, you want to say that you call upon your spirit guides and loved ones, as well as Angels, to draw close to you. After you say that, you’ll want to ask them to create a protection circle around you and to keep you safe and protected at all times, ask for their wisdom and guidance.

Also, make sure you tell them you are happy to work with and to communicate with the spirit world. You have the highest intentions. Anyone from the spirit world who helps you communicate, must do so with similar intentions and that your Angels enforce it on behalf of you.

5. Meditation

Another way to wrap yourself in protection is through guided meditation. Now you can find many on YouTube for free, I will be creating some very shortly which will be shared in here available for FREE download.

There is also this lovely one available from Jackie where you will be working with Angels. This image will take you to where you can purchase this.

So, That is you all set and ready to continue working with your healing and spiritual journey knowing that you are always protected. Should you feel you want to do an energy cleanse take a look at our other post

Space and Self Energy Cleansing.

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Sending You Many Blessings and Much Love


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Keoka Lewis
April 3, 2018 at 7:31 pm

Thank you for this bless information its really a big help to me thank you from keoka lewis atl ga


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