"Everything You Are Seeking, Is Seeking You"

Nollaig Robertson
Business Consultant

I’ve found that my self-confidence and self-worth has emerged with faith, focus and steadfast clarity. Bryanna, you more than resolved my struggles. Your very presence, presentation skills, and personal life story, of which I am only partly privy, has not only inspired me but catapulted me into the next level of my general life and business. Thank you thank you and thank you again! Your experience, holistically qualified expertise, extensive research which you have shared in abundance with myself and the other workshop delegates has given us a great grounding to get on with our own goals of personal and business development. 

Before I started working with you Bryanna, I had a sense of desperation to make my business work. It became an unhealthy obsession which overtook everything else. It had been the partial source of causing me to end a 10-year marriage. I wanted to transform myself to a more confident and content parent and business owner. 

It was lovely to work with you, Bryanna. I felt calm and at ease, yet excited for the future! I would like to see more workshops scheduled to enable more of your followers to meet and work with your personally in order to transform themselves for the better. I would love to attend more of your future events.


Natalie McAvaney
Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Healer

Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Session

I was looking for guidance and a breakthrough of come sort. 

WOW I sure did, it was life changing. It was my AH-HA moment. After 30 mins with Bryanna Emma it gave me the confidence to step into my power and accept who I am and get to work❤

I have stepped up in my business. I’m not scared anymore, I’m not allowing fear to hold me back. I feel like I’m at peace. I’m ready, I couldn’t say that before but with an outflowing of emotion immediately after the call and the next day I know what’s ahead of me and I’m so excited❤

Bryanna Emma is so warm and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable saying things I hadn’t said out loud before. Bryanna made sure that what you were saying was understood too. Very personable, someone I would look forward to spending time with. You made me feel like I want to help people just like you do.

You offered me the breakthrough of my blockages in 30 minutes. Really, you are amazing. I won’t forget the call that launched my power❤

Psychic Intuitive reading

Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Healer

Feck The Past & Be The Love Transformational Masterclass, Phoenix Transformation Retreat

This lady asked for her review to be kept anonymous due to the nature of what was happening.

Since I started on that first workshop, my whole life has changed for the better. My relationship that was in tatters and pending separation is now more solid than I could ever have dreamed. We still have hiccups but these are managed with understanding, love and support instead of screaming arguments and emptiness. My employment has changed drastically with the growth of my own company daily. I never in a million years imagined I’d be able to actually do that. Financially, money has come in abundance. We have paid off our car, and a substantial loan 4 years before they were due, all with completely unexpected income. This was all due to a shift in thought. I have changed exponentially as an individual, I am still me, but I am now the best version of me that was too scared to try before.

I was experiencing an incredibly difficult time in my relationship leading to a possible separation and was also desperately unhappy in my employment

Since starting on this journey with positive power healing I feel I have benefitted tremendously. I sometimes cannot believe how far I have come. Whilst being an incredibly open minded person by nature, I entered into this at the lowest point in my life with little desire to think positively. With Bryanna’s encouragement, I realised that even though there was so much I wanted to change, there was even more I was so grateful for. I was then very blessed but so caught up in what I wanted, I failed to see it. Bryanna changed my way of thinking and with that came unimaginable results.

Bryanna is nothing but absolutely approachable. I have told Bryanna things that I have not even told my own mother. Infact, some things I haven’t even told my private therapist. She is utterly personable, comforting and above anything, trustworthy. I have utter faith in her ability to guide me and advise me on how to see the positive side to anything. She has helped me see the positive in some very dark times indeed.

A backlit red rose with water drops

Colleen Umbehant

Phoenix Transformation Retreat & Mastermind

I have gotten so many benefits from the work we have done together! Right away I felt relieved of the pressures I felt I was carrying… such a weight just lifted with the release work we did. I was able to see that I was focusing on things I didn’t want and couldn’t move forward on. I was unable to even see what I wanted. The work I have done with Bryanna and her team has enabled me to look beyond the blocks I had and see a clear path forward. I am now bringing in more money in my current job… which is enabling me to get the guidance and training to move forward and truly step into my power and live the life I’ve been seeking for so long!

I felt stuck and unable to move forward to change my life and live the life I wanted and knew I could! I felt I needed help and I strongly had the feeling that Bryanna could help me!

I am so much happier, I am able to better relate and understand my daughter. I am moving in a forward direction building my dream life. And most importantly of all, I can see easily how to be of service to others and my family, by putting myself first on the right path!

I am enjoying so much working with Bryanna, it’s like finding family! She is so understanding and had such insight it amazes me! I have always had trouble expressing my feelings and she just makes me want to tell her everything … because I know she will find a way to make it work out! She makes me feel hope… no… certainty that there is a way and we will do it! No doubt!

positive power
Dee Rudiger - From Deeva Design

Phoenix Transformation 1:1 & Be The Love

Barbara guimarães - EcoCentric Voyager

Be The Love 1:1 

Emma Strain

Reiki Master & Holistic Healer

“Bryanna is an exceptional motivator. She has the ability to make you put things into practice, giving you simple and easy guidance that anyone can implement into their everyday lives, no matter how busy your life maybe. She has a calm and upbeat approach, which is definitely catching haha !! A pool of knowledge, a combination of coaching with life and spiritual wisdom.”

Lucy Fulton-Hewitt


“Emma has reminded me of how powerful I am and I can achieve anything I want in life. I’ve learned so much in just one workshop. Emma is a true inspiration for myself who has overcome so many difficulties in life that I myself made me realize how truly blessed I am.

Just when I thought I had hit a brick wall I attended Emma’s workshop feck the past. It came at the right time as I was starting to feel I was spiraling downwards and having that self-pity creeping in and receiving similar negative feelings and situations. I was always one of those people who dwelled too much on what happened in the past. Thank you, Emma for your words of encouragement I now feel focused and got back my power. Thank you again, Emma for all your lovin time and energy you give us. Much blessings.”

Mitzi Sacket Transformational Life Coach in Women’s Health & Wellbeing

“Bryanna has been instrumental in my recent success of using the science of Law of Attraction to create abundance in my life. And it just doesn’t stop! She has the unique ability to bring together her knowledge in science of the Laws of the Universe with a deep spiritual connection that will guide your life. She is an accomplished teacher and her life is an inspirational testimony.”

psychic intuitive session entrepreneurs
Tina Kajol Patel

30 minute Powered Up Psychic and Intuitive Session

Wow! What can I say. My power up call with Bryanna was just simply amazing. She doesn’t know this (till now) but I was in floods of tears an hour before the call due to certain things. I acted like I was fine on the call. Emma picked up my inner sadness and also my grandmother in spirit giving me love and protection behind the scenes. I felt so choked up. I honestly could’ve cried even more. Bryanna really resonated with the things that came through for me and I felt a sense of comfort. She is so easy to talk to, compassionate and professional. Just that 30 mins alone really picked up my spirits and I felt better than I was before the call. Anyone who is sitting on the fence about having a reading with Bryanna, I can honestly say you will not regret it. She’s always willing to help and she’s such a loving soul. Thank you so much Emma❤ xxx

Lina Jurgutyte

Holistic & Spiritual Healer

30 minute Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Session

“I was extremely excited to have my reading done by Bryanna I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous, knowing how spiritually in- tuned she is. And what a treat it was! All the three cards she pulled for me, reflected my exact moment, what I was going through in my life, what needed to be released. And Bryanna’s vision of me, my path, made my heart flicker.
I feel so much more clear, peaceful and uplifted.
What a loving soul Bryanna is!

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