Go from breakdown to breakthrough

It’s time for you to power up, No more feeling stuck, blocked and like your going round in circles with your business, your life and and get little to no results. Time to POWER UP.

You've come to this page, which tells me you are ready to up level, you are ready for that breakthrough. To have your very own AHA moment and gain clarity on the right path to move forward in with your life and business.

Then you, my awesome lady, are in the right place!

This unique 1-hour breakthrough session is a powerful, spiritual strategy session that can assist you with your total life and business transformations. You will gain clarity from your troubles, and empowerment from your pains as you learn to take your life and business to the next level. In this session, anything you have been struggling with will be brought to light and you will be given unique tools to work through them.

I’m here to offer you a Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Session call if you feel like…

  • You hold yourself back from doing what lights your heart and soul. You allow the feelings of worthlessness, fear, not good enough, not enough, from blocking you achieve your dreams.
  • You want to know where the heck you’ve been blocking yourself and see how connecting to love can shift the blocks allowing your hearts desires to appear with ease and grace.
  • Many times you try to step into a life you want, your dream business or career, yet you seem to go at a snail’s pace, or round in circles. Left feeling frustrated, heartbroken and at times, just giving up.

Ladies, you can, you do have the power within you, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The purpose of this call is to act as a catalyst, shifting you in hyper speed to make the breakthrough and rise to the next level.

This call is right for you if:

  • You want to feel powerful, confident and secure in life. You want to feel accepted, appreciated and ready to receive.
  • You want a life, where you are guided to the right place, at the right time, for those beautiful experiences, where you can truly appreciate, love and adore the life you live!
  • You want to get your very AHA, moment and achieve clarity on the ways you can, empowered and ready to take action.

I am a naturally attuned spiritual guide who uses a combination of psychic and spiritual readings to assist me with gaining inspiration to help guide you through to the next level. I connect with your energy using Divinity cards, guidance from Spirit, the Angels, and your Spirit Guides to help me customize my advice just for you. The inspiration I draw on will help provide you with answers and actionable steps to help move you through to the next level in life, and in business. Together, we will identify and clear your energy blocks and you will be left with a clear and renewed sense of purpose, allowing you to powerfully charge forward in your beautiful life.

Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Sessions will take you from being in a position of struggle and perhaps confusion and will comfortably guide you through a transformation where you will be able to see the future clearly and walk towards it confidently. The session is delivered as a one-on-one session which can take place over 50 minute or 2 hour long increments with a 30-minute catch-up session, depending on what you feel you need to help you through your transformation.

You will get:

• Spiritual guidance to transform your business into one that you love
• Actionable steps to take in your business, and in life.
• Comfortable, loving guidance that will allow you to feel empowered and confident.
• The ability to go from being a woman in business to being a warrior goddess in business
• A chance to claim the life you are destined to have

You will see how working with me will inspire you to be so much more than what you currently are.

The Energy Exchange… 
The energy exchange for the Powered Up Psychic & Intuitive Sessions is $77 normally $247 for a full 50 minute session with 30 minute catch up.
$111 normally $346, for a 90 minute session and 30 minute catch up call.
Only one per person every 6 months at this rate.

Extra Bonus!!! 
You will also receive a bonus, FULL access to my Money Matters Manifesting digital masterclass & group for FREE! Normally $77

Please note…

These calls are reserved for women who are truly serious about creating massive change in their lives. Only sign up if you truly want to work on becoming the best version of you, ready to embrace love, let go of what has been and step into a life you love and adore..

Click the button below and get ready to finally make the steps to rise in your power, love who you are and start living life.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Emma

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