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energy cleansing

Energy Cleansing of your Space and the Self

Today we are going to go through a topic and tutorial on energy cleansing.

I am going to give you a couple of examples on how we can cleanse ourselves and also cleanse areas around us to rid the energy left from the past hurts, trauma, arguments and negative thinking.

In our homes, offices and cars. Well any spaces that we spend time in, there is a buildup of energy that resides there.
Now, this can be beautiful positive energy or dark negative energy.
This depends on what has happened in this space, and this can have an effect on us.

We are all energy, and when there is a buildup of toxic energy this, of course, can seep in and affect our minds & bodies.

Now don’t be alarmed there are some simple, super effective ways that you can change this energy.
The great thing is, they are so simple you can do them yourself.

You don’t need to hire anyone, you don’t need to have magic powers (although we all are magical)
You have all the ability to do this yourself.

We are going to give you really simple ways to do this,
but as we said they are all highly effective and the main thing is your intention.


energy cleansing

Smudging is a very ancient form of cleansing. This can also be used for other purposes but in this topic, we will be looking at using smudging for cleansing the negative toxic energy build up.

Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique, the name comes from the sacred smoke bowl blessing. Smudging is used to drive away negative energy and restore balance and tranquillity. Now using smudging cleanses away the build-up of psychic garbage that may have gathered up over years and even 100’s of years. It’s like a spiritual spring cleaning.

Using smudging you can bring happiness and harmony to your home, yourself, your relationships.

The effects can be quite swift & dramatic.

I did a cleanse of myself and home and within a couple of hours got a massive rush of energy to physically clean the house. For me, that was just the best…

There are many ways and rituals that you can do based around Smudging, the thing is though, it does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. Do what feels right to you, remember that the intention you put into it is most important. You can find a ritual to use at the bottom of this page. 

Using The Violet Flame

energy cleansing

One of our other favourite ways to cleanse the energy is using the Violet Flame. We have this available for you free of charge as a gift and also three Sacred Activation’s for you to try, Please see this page here.

Violet flame is a unique spiritual energy, it is a gift from God, Source, and all Divine. Associated with St Germain and the ascended masters, I was introduced to it by Quan Yin.

With Violet Flame Meditation you can consciously access powerful frequencies that dissolve lifetimes of unresolved, unhealed energies with love and light. This is crucial to each of us as individuals. The distillation of all experiences we’ve ever had in any lifetime or dimension is still in our individual and group energy field, both positive and negative. Until the dense negativity is transmuted into love and light, we can still experience blocks, hurt, trauma. The patterns which are holding you back right now can be linked to this and by using the Violet Flame, you can free yourself.

Using Crystals

energy cleansing

Crystal energy cleansing is another great technique we can use to cleanse our energy and also for protection, see our blog post surrounding protection HERE.

You can do a quick crystal balancing technique to help you cleanse and balance your energy field which also helps with holistic healing.

Crystals work holistically, caring for your mind, body and soul. Crystal healing is part of the energy medicine family of complementary therapies. Just like animals, plants and people, crystals have their own unique energy field which interacts with the energy fields of other living things. Crystals are all unique and have different properties felt through their differing energy fields which anyone can sense by holding and ‘tuning into’ them.

You can place crystals around your home, on your body with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even just popping one in your pocket or as many women like to do, pop it in your bra.

I am normally drawn to the right crystal for me to use at any time, I then look up the properties of the crystal I chose and I’m always in awe how it is perfect for me at that time. This is a book you can use to learn more on crystals

 Here are some great energy cleansing crystals that you could use.

Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Celestite will evaporate the negative energy. There are also a few minerals that will rid negative energy. Sulphur cleanses a room, SeleniteExtra Large Selenite Tower Lamp and Satin Spur will clear energy directionally. You can even place them along ley lines which will then cleanse the energy entering in that direction.

There are some beautiful Selenite Towers here. For the USA You can view some more variations here Selenite Towers

Energy Cleansing

They can be placed all around your home, helping to keep that beautiful energy flowing.

To find out more about Crystal healing you can do on yourself at home check out our other blog posts.

Using Himalayan Rock Salt

Yes, when you follow our tips and posts you will see this mentioned sooo many times. That’s because this stuff is AWESOME. I’m very passionate about the benefits of this. We have the lamps all over the house, I have two massive ones in the living room, massive lamp in the office, they are in every bedroom. Adding to that we use it in our food and baths. Just love love love….

Himalayan Rock Salt Fire Bowl


Now to energetically cleanse yourself. Use them in the bath… So simple and blooming great.

They have so many other benefits, the main one being it is just so relaxing.
To read more on Himalayan Rock Salt benefits check out our post here

To get your hand on some freebies which include the full guide with recipes and instructions you can grab the Vibration Amplifier gift we’ve got here. This has the other freebies and quick tools along with it. All techniques you can apply in your life straight away to bring healing and transformation.

Cutting etheric energy cords.

So yet here we have another super simple one. You see when we have had any discord with someone or place there is an energetic cord linked to that person/place. That could even be someone you care about, yet this type of cord is toxic and can drain you of energy. Holding onto that anger, pain or upset only makes you ill. Cut the energy cords and let it go. This is also a part where forgiveness will come into play. To help you release that past I always suggest cutting energy cords.

So one easy way is to call the big guy…

Archangel Michael, all you’ve got to do is call him in and say “ I call on Archangel Michael, I ask that you cut the toxic fear based energy cords between me and ….., eradicate them. I now affirm peace and harmony in my life. Archangel Raphael, I ask that you come in and send your divine healing light to where the chords once were. “

See or imagine (which is really you envisioning) Michael using his sword to cut through and completely dissolve the toxic energy cords.

Then go onto using some of the protection techniques we have written about in here.  Psychic Energy Protection.

Space & Self Energy Cleansing Guide.

First, we will start with a simple smudging ritual.

Now you can start with calling in the deity of your choice to assist you in the cleansing, affirming what the desired result is that you want to achieve.

I normally call in the Angels to assist me.

  • Have to hand Your White Sage Smudge Stick, we recommend this one, best value and smells divine.
  • You can use an abalone shell, if you don’t have one handy don’t fret. Just use a bowl or plate.
  • Some also use a large feather to waft the smoke around, again if you do not have this yet, just use your hand.
  • You are best lighting a tea light candle to carry around also on the plate as it is suggested that you don’t blow into the smudge stick to relight.
    (Although, my take on this is, you have set the intention, you are doing this with loving energy, so I blow love into the smudge stick. Again, you know your energy and thoughts so you do what feels best for you.)

Now as you are going around the house it is also a great idea to play some music, you could have anything that feels right for you. This could be pipes, you could have singing bowls going, or some other beautiful music you find healing and soothing that works well for energy cleansing.
( For me one day it was my Powered Up Woman Play List It was fab, I could feel the power surging through me as I smudged.)

The music helps in breaking up the energy.

Light your smudge stick, and let’s get ready to go.

To start we want to smudge ourselves, working our way up the front of the body about a couple of inches distanced, and working around your back. I will demonstrate this in the video to come. As you do so, simply saying, “With love and light I cleanse myself”. Chanting over and over again until you have been completely surrounded by the smoke. As you finish say thank you. Then move on to cleansing your space.

I start off in one room, which I will then work around the house in a clockwise direction. I start in one corner, again working in a clockwise direction.

Working around the corner of each room I like to say (in mind or out loud)

“With Love & Light, I bless this space, With Love & Light, I cleanse this space”

We all have such an amazing tool to use in doing this which is our imagination. So use this and imagine the area being filled with beautiful light as you work your way around.

As you finish in each room, always say thank you. As it is done.

When you have cleared your space… Go around and open up all the windows and allow the air to flood in a flush away the smoke and energy. We get excited with this bit as a family, It’s like a little bit of a celebration. Both myself and the boys all jump to action opening all the windows and releasing.

We then close the windows and sometimes like to add a few candles (do so if it is safe) and light some beautiful incense. Make sure you get good quality incense, we use Nag Champa.

That’s it … done. You have just completed do some wonderful energy cleansing in your home, self, car or even workspace. Now enjoy.

Now there are many ceremonies you can get for energy cleansing, many variations of using Smudge Sticks. As I said before, all in the intention. Do what feels right to you, but really you can keep it simple.

energy cleansing

There is a post where you can learn how to do a simple energy cleansing session for yourself at home using the power of crystals. Check that out in our blog post section HERE

Many Blessings and Much Love

Positive Power

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