She IS Unleashed Spectacular

Step into YOU with power!

Be the woman you were destined to be…
With some of the most powerful transformational and energy work on the planet. 

She IS Unleashed Spectacular

Women's Empowerment & Spiritual Retreat

November 26th – December 1st 2018
Based in a Vortex of Creation itself,
Valbonne, South Of France
All Inclusive with bubbles,
Including airport transfers

womens retreat

Would you like to be who YOU want to be, to have such a strong profound connection to your higher self and inner knowing. . To really just be the woman you were always destined to be?


Join us on a journey of connecting to your truth in a fun, light and easy way yet packed with POWER. 

Spirit shouted loud and clear we were to host this event and do so here, in Valbonne, where there is a vortex energy of creation and transformation in itself.

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This is for you when you're ready to...

UNLEASH your true power and USE IT

Discover, unleash and step into the woman you want to be, with power, passion, and confidence.
Seeing your power, Using your power

Feel Loved & Adored

You will be brimming with love, connected to love, that no matter what life throws at you, you stand strong and able to live a life you love.
TRUE FREEDOM, Celebrating & Adoring ALL of you.

Experience Clear Knowing & Connected to Truth

Through a powerful journey, channelled from source, you will be deeply connected to your higher self and infinite knowing, that no more will you wonder, “What should I do, where should I go, who am I, how can I do this?”. We all have that infinite knowledge within us, it is just awakening and listening…
Power Unleashed and ready to truly LIVE

You are now unapologetically YOU, you know your worth, know you already are love and vibrate from that place.


You feel it in your heart, You have called for this...

You are so ready to experience a catalyst that will support you in really using your power and bringing your desires to reality.
Making this year astronomical in achievements!!!!

Walk with me for a moment and come into this space…
We walk through the village of Valbonne, sharing, laughing and creating. We stop for a coffee or glass of bubbles, feeling joy, feeling calm, feeling ease. Do you know the magic that comes from even just being in that space? 

Surrounded by a powerful group of women, who you feel you’ve known for lifetimes, staring out into the gorgeous night sky, stars twinkling as we sit by the pool.
The music is playing, we talk, we laugh, we dance. 

The love and support we experience, as together we cleanse on an energetic and deep subconscious level, lifetimes of programs and blocks, supported as we go through our “AHA” moments, and create a plan of action for you to keep the momentum going, for you to actually achieve results desired. 

The Venue

Our Divine Sacred Space

Join us in a beautiful renovated French stone villa in walking distance of Valbonne – a beautiful village on the French Riviera. The villa has all amenities, a large terrace with beautiful cozy seating areas, a landscaped garden with swimming pool, soccer and petanque court and great outdoor spaces located 15 minutes from Cannes and 25 minutes from Nice International Airport. 

You will be staying in an amazing stone house in the Provencal style overlooking Valbonne and surrounding areas. Located in residential area with only 800 meters walk to the village. Newly refurbished with everything expected of a modern house, consistently in delicate and bright colors. 

Just a quick mile away lies the idyllic, Provencal medieval village of Valbonne. Valbonne houses a dozen restaurants, cozy squares and both butcher, bakery, vegetable shop and patisserie. Also, antique shops, galleries and other small shops to be found in town.  Hiking trails in the immediate area along the river Brague and different markets are also part of what makes the city exciting.

Short Excerpt

Short Excerpt

The Cuisine

Tastes that bring magic to your mouth...

Your stay with us is ALL INCLUSIVE, you will have all your drinks, teas, coffee, we also provide bubbles (Non-alcoholic option also) and you will receive food that will tantalize your taste buds.

You will be tasting such beautiful dishes and entrees that ignite passion, joy and love, that give you the moments of going Oooooohhhhhh… (Seriously, I have never tasted food so good as what our Chef prepares!!!!!!)

Food certainly is a way to show ourselves love, yet it doesn’t need to be bland and boring.
The best thing also is that the food you will be eating is healthy, high vibrational and oh my gosh tastes Divine.
(We also cater for special dietary requirements)

spiritual retreat

So...What can you expect from our time together?

Every day we will be doing activities that will support you in connecting with joy, laughter and love. Along with the deep discovering and transformational work. 

Every day united I will be taking you through a powerful ancient meditation that will have you connecting to the vibration of love, emitting love in a way you have never done so before.

Arrival at Nice Airport on the 26th November 2018

You will be picked up from the airport and escorted to our private villa. We will get you settled in and give you the schedule for our time together.
Then we will all meet to connect, to break bread and celebrate the magical journey we are about to embark on.
I love to use the power of fire and hold a release ceremony, as together we are supported in letting go of our stresses, fear, and worries. Ready to imprint the life we desire and step into that woman your heart calls for you to be.

phoenix transformation
We begin the unleashing....

On this day we will begin our journey of unleashing our truth, discovering and implementing the woman we want to be.
Using Activations and Clearings to powerfully clear the deep-rooted programs and bring in the light.
You will have clarity and clear knowing where you are going, what you are bringing in and the action plan as we step forth with more power than ever before.

Sometimes we get stuck in the program of who we think we should be, not realising that we are sabtogaing ourself to be who we were really destined to be. Together we will shift this.
Then there are times when we get stuck in a rut, reaching a new level, and finding we are looking to be unleashed and rediscover ourselves. You will be the woman you choose to be. 

We will also look into matching a style with that woman you have chosen to be, creating the lifestyle, the actions steps. Then using this a few days later for our day out if you wish to further impliment what you create.

Gotta Love Ya Baby!!!!

Today is a day where we will connect with bliss. We connect and empower the love we have for yourself. Love for the self is the true key to achieving in life, most of the time when we get to the root of all our perceived blocks, the cause is a lack of love for who we are.

We spend the full day connecting to and building our plan to keep focused on loving and embracing who we are. We will work in a unique way to raise your level of self-love.
Also working to connect and be in deeper alignment to the vibration of love, imagine the magic that flows from this.

We will be spending an evening connecting to the inner child, be prepared to step out of the comfort zones, and into much laughter.
Bryanna will also be taking you through some special dance routines that will leave you feeling sexy, sassy and loving you for you!!!

Soul Sister's Day Out!!!!!

We will be venturing to the village for a trip to discover the magic and energy of Valbonne. We will take some time out and go shopping, coffee & Prosecco, you will be able to have the option to get beauty treatments or massage. To simply relax, chat and be in the vortex. When we connect with joy, we naturally open up for what we desire to come forward to us. Today, we simply be.

We will also have the chance to have a shopping trip to help you further implement your  Style as there are many gorgeous little boutiques in this village 

On this evening we return to have an old-time pamper party. Trying outfits on, facials, beauty and all things giggly and full of love…

File 10-05-2017, 14 36 07
Ignite Your Power

Ladies, it is time to connect to your higher self, infinite wisdom in such a deep and profound way, to ignite the power within you and to build your very own unique communication system with source and Divine. This will help you further navigate through life, to know which way to go, what choices to make. You will also be able to hear, see and feel the signs from your guides with a whole new sense of ease. Your guides, soul, connects with you in a unique way, not a cookie cutter way. We will be creating YOUR way.

On this day you will receive a gift basket with tools to continue your practice after the event. 

On this evening we celebrate the journey together with our Goddess shine dinner. A full celebration of all the work and magic we have created together, committed to following our truth and the journey we are to embark on when we leave that space of the Villa. 

she is unleashed
Midnight Margarita's

What is it that your heart desires the most? 

Well, if you don’t know you will by this point and together in a sisterhood, we will unite to create your very own special, magical ritual based around bringing this into reality.
(The last time we did this, the woman manifested a 40k truck she had been dreaming of within two months)

We will all create our unique charms and rituals, then together we dance and share midnight margaritas. practical magic style.

Sacred Activation's, laughter yoga and Dance Magic

Energy clearing is very important to us all. We will be taking you through moments of releasing in a way you have never done before, with a blend of healing modalities suited for each of you personally. No two people are the same, that is why Ann will be tuning in to what you are calling for and blending her talents to serve you for your highest good.
She powerfully helps clear the unwanted blocks, programs, limitations running for lifetimes. Adding to that, also activating light codes, positive programs and all the good to stuff to shift you hyperspeed into the life you truly want.

The perfect compliment to the work I am doing with you all.

Laughter is always the perfect medicine and so every day we will be adding in time to connect to your inner child and to have deep belly laughs in such a natural way.

Then one of my all time fave’s for getting high vibe and into alignment is dancing. Yes, we will be moving our booties and shaking up the energy to receive. 

Would You Like To Meet The Retreat Goddess?

Bryanna Emma Black,

Bryanna is a Kick-Ass Spiritual & Transformational Business guide, and a Proctor & Gallagher Consultant.

Bryanna’s mission is to support women to rise up, be who they were destined to be and earn from their passions and purpose.
She mentors, supports, and guides you in doing what you love and being prospered in doing so. Guiding you to rise above the barriers and limitations to live a life you love and adore.

Bryanna’s passion came from a life filled with her own heartache and despair. Many failed relationships, a single mother of 6, no career, and life-long illnesses pushed her to study intensely with healing, self-love and a journey to gain her power back. 

She spent 15 years studying and working with Holistic and Natural Healing, received diplomas and many certificates in a wide range of modalities including Energy work, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Development. She also became a passionate advocate of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks’s work for spiritual development, including working with Angels, Ascended Masters and All Divine.

Bryanna also spent a certified Proctor & Gallagher consultant. Studying the powers of our mind, the power we hold within ourselves.

Some say just being around her energy naturally brings their life into transformation’s.

Ann Varney

Ann is a Spiritual and Transformational guide, unlike many others…

She works with women and men supporting you to finally be freed from the deep-rooted energy and subconscious blocks within, allowing you to have the clarity, drive and ease with achievements with your goals and desires…
Ann is highly trained with her profession in Hypnotherapy, trained with some of the best in the world within her field. She has a wide range of degrees and diplomas which can be seen on her site, she also blends this with her spiritual teachings using her Shamanic practices and energy work. 

She tunes into your energy and spirit to bring a powerful blend of healing, completely with what you are needing at that moment. Many seeing instant results after just one session. 

Blending our work together will be nothing like you have experienced before, prepare for shifts to happen and a new life unfolds before your very eyes…

What's The Exchange?

First let's go over the full details of what you are getting:
  • Shared occupancy in a private villa with private pool
    (Should you wish sole occupancy please contact us for further details)
  • Airport transfers to and from the retreat
  • All inclusive gourmet meals and bubbles, snacks, teas, and coffees
  • Access to all workshops, videos of the training with Bryanna
  • You will also receive 4 group sessions after the event to further implement the work and keep up the momentum.
  • Morning Activations and meditations with Bryanna and Ann
  • Access to 26 core Sacred Activations which you can continue to use when you like after event with Bryanna.
  • You will each be given some tools to take away to continue your practice at home. 

Option 1- Shared occupancy in one of 4 bedrooms at a rate of £1111 per person. Bring a friend and you both get your space for £997 each.

For sole occupancy, the rate is £2000 per person.

Option 2 – Shared occupancy in the master suite with private bathroom at a rate of £1587 per person.

Come with a friend you get it for £1222 each.

Sole occupancy is £2500

To book sole occupancy please contact us for more details.

Contuct us to arrange payment and find out more information


Disclaimer: Each client may not take the guest hosts and Positive Power Healing’s information or ideas or use photos, films, etc.