The Truly Incredible Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan rock salt


The Amazing Benefits of the Mind Blowing Himalayan Rock Salt

Among the world’s most effective and powerful “hidden secrets” is the pink Himalayan salt. Derived from one of the world’s highest and most beautiful mountains, the Himalayan rock salt has been prized for its incredible healing and restoration powers, and has been in use since the ancient times.

Actually, this salt was so much valued that the traditional people used it as a currency system.
In fact, its price was much higher compared to its weight in gold – thousands of years ago.
Today, people have started to rediscover the truly magical power of the pink Himalayan salt, owing to its health benefits in the human body understood by ancient man long time ago.

We hope that the information outlined below will offer essential help in deciding whether or not you should purchase this product of nature soon. Let’s start by one good question:

What the Heck is All the Fuss with Himalayan Rock Salt About?

The salt is a naturally occurring and ridiculously pure mineral substance gathered from a mine in the Pakistani part of the Himalayan Mountains. It’s pink in color (due to the present iron oxide).
Traditionally, the salt has been used for therapeutic cure and as natural medicine for thousands and thousands of years.

Himalayan salt health properties

It’s amazing how even the ancient people understood just how potent and powerful the mineral is!
There must be a reason why word about its power spread all over the world for many years now.
Keep in mind that this mineral has almost too many significant benefits to the human body, especially when you start using it on a regular basis.

Interestingly, this product has often been regarded to as the purest, cleanest, and the most mineral dense edible salt you can find on the planet.

It has over 80 essential trace minerals, electrolytes, as well as other elements. The most concentrated minerals in the salt occur in the following proportions:

  • Potassium (K) – 3.5 g / kg
  • Calcium (Ca) – 4.05 g / kg
  • Sulfur (S) – 12.4g / kg
  • Sodium (Na) – 382.61g / kg
  • Chloride (Cl) – 590.93g/kg

What Are the Benefits of the Himalayan Rock Salt in the Body?


Water and salt have always played a crucial role in our bodies, and will continue to do so for each one of us.

While water is very essential in detoxifying our bodies, it cannot do it alone, therefore it uses salts as the “vehicle”.
It enables your body to effectively transfer toxins from the various cells into your bloodstream, where it can be flushed out of the system.

Don’t forget that the pink Himalayan salt has an active detoxification carrier, which has been proven to be significantly more efficient compared to the traditional white versions for this process.

Regulates Blood Pressure

How does the Himalayan rock salt regulate blood pressure while it contains sodium (Na) that definitely raises it?

Well, this salt contains less sodium content compared to the regular table salt.
Moreover, the pink version has small amounts of potassium (K) content, and your body can use this to lower blood pressure.

Since the Himalayan rock salt is usually absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently compared to the regular table salt, it is much more effective in moderating your body’s blood pressure.

When you replace your table salt for this pink version, you will experience a rather slow, and gradual decrease in your blood pressure.

Of course, you will need to keep up a healthy lifestyle and ensure you stay within the recommended
daily sodium intake of below 1500 mg.

Relaxing and Re-Energizing your Body

Have you started to feel fatigued or a little bit foggy?

You could probably be dealing with a considerable loss of salts and electrolytes in your body.
Fortunately, you can be able to replenish and restore your electrolytes and salt levels with the Himalayan rock salt fast.
Due to its unique mineral composition and the ability to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream (much more efficiently than the regular table salt), the results are generally immediate.

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Great Remedy for Sinus and Respiratory Problems

When this salt is dissolved in hot water, it can be used to clear up sinuses problems and even improve the respiratory problems such as asthma or others you could be dealing with. Just follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Boil a gallon of water in a pot
  • Place the pot on a table using a pot holder
  • Put ½ cup of Himalayan rock salt into the water and stir
  • Lean over the pot while making sure your face is always at a distance of about 12 inches so that you don’t burn yourself with the steam
  • Form a tent with a towel around your head to trap the hot steam and the salt particles in it
  • Be sure to breath as you normally do for 5 to 10 minutes. You should also make a slow deep breath once every minute (in and out)

Since the salt particles usually emit negative ions, it’s effective in relieving sinus issues without any negative effects or compromising your respiratory or overall health.

Regulation of Body pH levels

When you want to promote a natural balance between your alkaline and acid levels in your body, a pink rock salt bath is a great solution (no pun intended). All you need to do is do the following:

  • Put hot water into your bathtub, at a comfortable temperature.
  • Dissolve in about 250-500grm of the Himalayan rock salt into it
  • If you are up for it, add about 2 cups of Epsom salt
  • Now you can submerge your body (or at least as much as possible) and soak it in for 20 to 30 minutes
  • As you take this bath, be sure to sip a glass of water slowly, to enhance sweating and consequently detoxification

Further instructions can be found in your FREE PDF document as part of the complimentary Sleep Toolkit & Vibration Amplifier

As part of the healing process, make sure you take your time, just for the self-love. This is a great way to keep up good health, the same way our ancestors did.
Weekly detox baths are ideal for great results over time.

Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep

You can use the Himalayan rock salt mixed with lavender oil in a bath to help you relax and soothe you for a great night sleep. You can use this with the other natural techniques that can help you to achieve deeper levels of sleep; to wake up refreshed and energized to take on the day ahead.

Plus you can also use this  Himalayan rock salt mixture to your advantage – supporting several organs in your body to relax, rest, and rejuvenate during your deep, high quality sleep.

This 2-step recipe requires just 2 ingredients to give you’re the desired results. It basically provides your body with the fuel it requires for effective sleep. It will also help you relax and rid the stress from the day’s activities. All you need is:

  • Organic raw honey (5 tablespoons) and,
  • 1 teaspoon the Himalayan rock salt

Mix the ingredients and store the mixture in a glass jar. Be sure to make as much or as little as you need, but ensure that you try as much as possible to keep the mixture in the ideal 5:1 ratio for best results. Use a spoonful of this mixture and put it under your tongue each and every night before you sleep and let it dissolve naturally. The salt has more than 84 minerals, including magnesium that is quite crucial for optimal relaxation, high quality sleep, and relaxation.

Improving Arterial Function and Health

The salt can also help your body rid of all the damages that have occurred to your arteries, which could potentially promote the development of spider or varicose veins. This product is incredibly effective in clearing up the buildup in your arteries.

Keep in mind that this product of nature, the Himalayan rock salt is very effective in promoting blood circulation throughout the body, which is the first step in eliminating the possibility of developing varicose veins in the first place.

Benefits From Just Using In The Bath

Himalayan rock salt is often used in bath (it’s our favorite way anyway). Let’s look at the rundown of the various benefits you can see when you use the salt in your baths:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved blood circulation lavender and himalayan salt on wooden surface
  • Lower muscle aches
  • Relief of headaches
  • Improved absorption of nutrients
  • Increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin
  • Increase the rate of wound healing
  • Great for joint pain relief
  • Help in the absorption of mineral and improve sleep
  • Improve the hydration of your skin
  • Great solution to eczema, acne, and other skin problems
  • Remedy for respiratory and sinuses problems
  • Helpful in relieving skin reactions and skin ivy

This is Good stuff, right??

Well, here is the really amazing part, we will be giving you a full whack of instructions & recipes on how to effectively use the Himalayan rock salts. These instructions will guide you on how to use the salts in baths, making scrubs, making salt sole, and body peel. In addition to these, you will also get our truly awesome sleep toolkit to enhance your results.

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