Using Gratitude For Healing


Using Gratitude For Healing

Attitude Gratitude

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Gratitude is one of the most vital subjects to use in your life.
You will have seen this from our other blog post, Why is Gratitude so important?

Well you can use this wonderful tool to help in the aid of healing your body. Simple, very effective and doesn’t cost you a dime.

I’m sure you have heard the term by now that “where your attention goes, the energy grows”

I know it is not always easy to shift your attention from what is at present. I remember the times I used to be sooo drained, body covered in pain. So I remember how difficult it was…

I am going to urge you to take it in steps and work on this. As this will have such an immense benefit to your healing and your whole life.

Every day when you wake, I want you to think of three things that are healthy about you. Then also go into more details of why you are grateful for that thing.


“Ok… I might not be able to walk properly all the time. But I can, I am so grateful for having my legs, I am so grateful for being able to get to the toilet myself, I am so grateful to be able to go walking outside in the path and to see the beautiful nature around me” (or whatever you like to go and see)

That brings us to another,

“I am so grateful and happy now that I have my sight. I get to see the birds outside, the trees, I get to see my children’s faces and smiles. I get to see the beautiful world that is around me. I am truly blessed to have such great health that I can see.”

Of course pick things that mean something to you, and really get into the feelings of why you are grateful for the wonderful healthy parts of your body and mind.

Write them down in a notebook, each day and at the end of it, also write down and say Thank You, thank you for all the great health I have, Thank you. I am truly blessed and every day, keeps getting better and better.

Doesn’t matter what we have going on, there is someone begging to have the great health we have. This helped me RISE UP from doom and gloom with Fibromyalgia and start really appreciating life and my great health.

To the point I am so grateful to say I am super healthy pretty much all of the time.

Healing is a journey in itself, it takes time. Have faith that you are healing, every second your body is working on your healing, even more so when you search and notice the blessings in life.

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Take Care

Many Blessings & Much Love


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