What’s in your name? Transformation

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What’s in your name?
There’s more than you even know. Transformation at it’s best.

As I underwent a major transformation, I decided my name needed to match the truth of who I am. I was breaking free from the old and being reborn. The name I was given during a special workshop that connected us to our Guides and higher self. It’s been nine years now. I waited until the time was right to make the shift.

I was given this name although, it took me quite a while before I truly stepped into my truth and allowed my inner self to be unleashed. Now I have been getting so many signs and nudges from spirit that yes, it is truly time. And so it is.

Today, I go by my soul name – Bryanna Emma Black. I am on my soul path, doing things and the work that makes me happy, that I feel is my purpose. Finally being my real self, I felt this was the right time.

female entrepreneur

My story is likely to resonate with others who are traveling a spiritual path. After all, they also take on new names that align with the path they are taking. How the spiritual name comes about, however, is what makes each person’s story different.

A change of name helps people to identify better with who they are and they serve as the milestone that lays out their journey thus far. The use of a new name is often what people need to move past their old behaviors and establish new ones.

All through history, people have used a new name during rites of passage or spiritual initiations. Shamans and similar spiritual leaders give them these new names, or a person chooses one for themselves.   Jewish Rabbis will provide an extremely ill person with a new name – in the hopes that it would give them a new life. Some nations felt that a person with no name meant they didn’t exist.

 Names are infused with energetic vibration, with everything within the Universe being nothing but energy. Your name makes a vibration sound – similar to a mantra. There’s amazing power behind the spoken word – bring something abstract to the physical concept by saying it aloud. The name you go by has a sound that is always associated with you. If you are to change your name, it will change what’s related to you.

Names have not only unseen powers but also act like mantras – words of power that establish mind, spirit and body. A well-established name can produce a harmonious flow in both one personal and professional life while also inviting the discharge and influx of God’s bounty.

The more certain a name is, the more powerful the effect. With a good vibrational name, the powers behind it can elicit all types of distinctive opportunities in the heart and brain. The vibrations of the name can affect the body’s cells and organs. Based on the law of attraction, the name draws in the same elements that causes the vibration. Every name out there has an influence on the person that it’s attached to – along with those they come into contact with.


What Does Bryanna Mean (Celtic Name)

transformationBryanna, in Celtic, means strong, ascending. Feminine of Brian.

The Three energy is strong and passionate. Happy personalities that are filled with self-expression and very emotional. An artistic flair that includes a gift of gab that ensures they are natural entertainers. Their happiness overflows and their infectious charm brings in company.

The Three personality is similar to a child – always young and loaded with delight. They’re smart, alluring and always happy. The Three personality is the person who lives in the “moment” with a spontaneous nature. They are always smiling and have an unbreakable aura that draws others to them. They are loyal and affectionate to family and friends.

Luck tend to favor the Threes.


If you’ve contemplated changing your name but are unsure of the timing, remember this: A caterpillar begins a new name as a butterfly once it’s escaped its cocoon and can spread its wings and fly.

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