What’s Reiki Energy Healing?

What Is Reiki?

So there is times that we also use Reiki Energy healing, which is why we thought it was a great idea to write you a post about what Reiki actually is.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy.” It is also used to describe a natural healing system. It was founded in the beginning of the 20th century, and it has evolved greatly since then.

The world where we live is filled with living things that need energy in order to survive. When the energy needed is able to flow without any interruptions, it creates a natural harmony that leaves us with a sense of peace and well-being.

There are numerous versions of Reiki, and each one will help your body gain the emotional and spiritual balance it needs. This is a concept that is relevant to people of all belief systems.

Reiki treatment is something that can fit all types of lifestyles. It can be used in combination with traditional treatments since it provides the emotional support needed for a speedy recovery.

There are many Reiki masters out there who have been well trained, and they are passing these traditions along to others.

Reiki Treatment

The process of receiving Reiki is not difficult at all. The person on the receiving end keeps all of their clothing on and relaxes on a couch or chair. The Reiki teacher places their hands on several non-intrusive places on the body. No manipulation or massage is involved in the process. The entire body is treated instead of focusing on specific areas. Depending on the recipient’s individual needs, a session can last from 45-90 minutes.

Since Reiki teachers are not trained to offer any diagnosis, they will not be able to predict what the outcome of your treatment will be. If you are concerned about specific symptoms, you will need to see a doctor.

How Do The Treatments Feel?

The experience is unique for each individual; it depends on what their needs are.

Clients may or may not experience some sensations when they are receiving treatment. Many people have reported feeling a sense of deep relaxation and total peace on every level. There are some who say they have had physical responses, like tingling, heat and visions of color, while others have had emotional responses which have restored their sense of harmony.

What Are The Benefits Of Treatment?

This is a calming and relaxing treatment that can be:

– A huge comfort when life is difficult.

The relaxing nature of these treatments can help people get through some pretty tough times. Sometimes in life people are disconnected and/or overwhelmed. They may experience spiritual and emotional detachment. Having treatments can bring back the sense of peace that has been lost and help you handle any challenges you face.

Reiki can help people that are dealing with issues that are short-term, but it is also beneficial to those who have problems that may be long-term. It can help you achieve a sense of comfort and help you keep a positive outlook.

– Support during pregnancy

Reiki is a great benefit to women who are expecting. Treatments are quite enjoyable and relaxing for moms-to-be. I used Reiki regular through my 6th pregnancy which I found to be a life saver through difficult times we experienced. After having a loss, this helped me stay calm and my little one came out full term, the healthiest baby I ever had.

– Calming for little ones

Children are very fond of Reiki. Keep in mind that these treatments are shorter than those meant for adults. My son who was born 10 weeks early (number 5) would not allow any medical treatment to be done on him, he would not even take paracetamol. Reiki was all he would allow me to do for him which I got to see first hand how quick children respond to this.

– Relaxing for animals

Animals respond well when it comes to Reiki treatments; they think it is relaxing and calming. Also great when animals are unwell, again I have practiced this on my cat and dogs to which I have had some great, even some miraculous effects.

– Helpful near the end of life

Reiki can be an asset to help dying people and their loved ones gain a sense of acceptance and peace. Again I got to experience using this first hand when my own father was crossing. I knew this was helping him with the fear side as it was all so sudden, also helped me so much through the process. Turned out to be one of the most beautiful bonding experiences my dad and I had.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

You may only need one session. Have a talk with your teacher to see what they recommend. For example, people who have long-term spiritual and emotional issues may need more than one session. If you feel positively about the sessions you have attended, it may be a good idea to continue.


Reiki has no known contra-indications. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require special equipment and it can be performed anywhere.

The same way that running water caresses a rock’s jagged edges, Reiki flows to all of the areas where it is needed and gives the body the ability to heal itself naturally.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a bit more of an awareness of the beautiful healing energy of Reiki…

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