My mission is to help women RISE UP, achieve freedom, to experience abundance on all levels. Love, Health, Happiness, Wealth and deeper Spiritual Connection!

You are ready to do what you LOVE & be prosperous in doing so!!!


I have personally seen and experienced, that NO MATTER where you’ve come from in life, NO MATTER what you have been through. You have the power within you to change and live the life you have always dreamed off.

Want to work with me "Up Close & Personal"?

I have a few options where you can get “Up Close & Personal” and work with me.
I scrubbed the V.I.P Packages because no matter what area you choose to work with you are a V.I.P. Instead, I’ve titled it “Up Close & Personal”
This is where together you get that extra 1:1 access to me, extra support as you go through the journey of transformation and start being prosperous doing what you love!!!
Or maybe you want to touch up solely on your intuitive muscles, I’ve got you covered.

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Phoenix Transformation Mastermind

Phoenix Transformation is the most powerful program for women who want to achieve freedom in life, free to do the work you love, free to live life how you choose, free to be who you want to be in this world. Open to receive…. prosperity, love and joy.

One of the world’s best courses to unlock the secret for women who want to feel powerful within themselves, To LOVE & Embrace who you are, To Live a Life You Love To Live. 

Retreats, Workshops & Group Programs

Information on upcoming retreats, workshops and our group programs. All designed to unleash your goddess within, for you to feel powerful, confident and shine in the world as you should do.

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