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"She IS Unleashed" Transformational Masterclass

She IS Unleashed4 week Transformational course
 It’s truly time for you to say enough!!! ENOUGH hiding, ENOUGH distractions, ENOUGH to feeling stuck. From listening to the what if’s, what if it fails, what if they won’t accept you, what if you’re not ready? 
It’s all FAKE, B.S Beliefs and YOU CAN, I’m going to show you the secret sauce.

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The Phoenix Transformation Retreat

Scotland Retreat in August 21st, 2017. 

This is one event not to miss… This event was featured in the Huffington Post as one of the main events for Entrepreneurs to attend in 2017. 

Ladies you are truly ready to rise in fast paced time and like never before. United together, no matter what area you are at in your life, this event will take you to a whole new level.

Yes, Its My Time To Rise & Shine
"Feck The Past" Workshop

Feck The Past, is not saying that the past is not important.

The past is of great importance, yet too many times we allow what happened in our past to hold us back in living a life that brings us true joy and happiness. A life we were in fact, destined to live. Many time we allow the past family, business, personal relationships and past experiences, to define who we are today and how our life “should” be.This is where I want you to set yourself free. This is what builds the foundations for lasting success in life and business.

Through this workshop you will:

  • How our past, mainly the replaying of the past has dire effects on our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
  •  How this harbours blocks on a deep subconscious level and stops us or distracts us from moving on in life, love and business.
  •  The tools you can use to free yourself now. Let go once and for all, with freedom and peace in your heart, mind and soul.


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